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Tra i nostri alunni c’è anche chi scrive recensioni in inglese!

Eccovi un articolo di Francesco Di Giovanni ed Enrico Gagliano, entrambi della classe 3^ I, su ‘Treasure Island’, spettacolo teatrale in lingua inglese, che ha riscosso grande successo tra i nostri alunni.

Last 6th February many classes from our school went to the ‘Golden’ – a theatre in Palermo -  to see a show based on the kids novel ‘Treasure Island’, written by Robert Louis Stevenson. It’s an exciting adventure story of pirates and the search for a hidden treasure. It was produced by the Erasmus Theatre Company, which promotes theatre shows for students in Italy. The cast was made up of three actors, who played all the characters from the story. They spent a lot of energy on the stage, in fact they acted, sang and also  were physically active with acrobatic exercise, fighting and jumping. The audience – us kids - were involved, too; we had to sing along, give some advice to the pirates, stand up and scream or talk to the captain of the ship.  Most of us already knew the plot, but also those who didn’t,  appreciated the show. Here are some comments from some schoolmates: ‘It was really fantastic!’ (Roberto, class 3N); ‘Beautiful! I can’t believe that  three actors could play all those characters!’ (Sara, class 2F); ‘The actors were really nice guys! (Letizia, class 3I) ‘Wow! They were very good at fighting and at acrobatic things!’ (Ginevra, class 2F).
 At the end of the performance  we were able to ask questions to the actors and one lucky guy won a t-shirt,  because he asked the most interesting question. Before leaving the theatre lots of students, mostly  girls, surrounded the actors and took selfies and pictures of  them. It was hard work for our teachers to get  them back to the bus!
By the way, the actors were all men! What about actresses?

Francesco DiGiovanni (class 3I)
Enrico Gagliano (class 3I)

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